David is a singer, songwriter, rapper, composer and music producer based in Maarweg, Cologne, Germany. He studied music and composition at the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Koeln and is a graduate of the Kontaktstudiengang Popularmusik and the Celler Schule, German songwriting masterclass. His projects include Deku, Leave The City and Thorsten Powers and he works as a songwriter, topliner, composer and producer with various artists.

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Deku - Insel Deku - Insel

Deku - Insel

Songwriting & Production
Insel erzählt vom langsamen Aufwachen nach einem Tinder-Date und dem Festhalten der Insel, bevor die Realität uns wieder an sich zieht. Produziert von mir, gemeinsam mit Philipp Humburg und Niklas Tikwe, ist es die erste Veröffentlichung von Deku seit 2015.


Leave The City - Zeitlupe Leave The City - Zeitlupe

Leave The City - Zeitlupe

Zeitlupe ist die erste Single der Debut-EP von Leave The City. Das Duett mit der Newcomerin GINI erzählt davon, den täglichen Stress und Hustle hinter sich zu lassen und ein One Way Ticket in die Freiheit zu buchen.


Thorsten Powers - 131018mixfinalFINAL Thorsten Powers - 131018mixfinalFINAL

Thorsten Powers - 131018mixfinalFINAL

Songwriting & Co-Production
In einem Studiokonzert hat Thorsten Powers am 13.10.2018 aktuelle Tracks und Klassiker aus der Anfangszeit der Band in einer live-Version aufgenommen. Recording und Mixing im Maarwegstudio2 in Köln, das Video-editing wurde von Pascal Kempa übernommen.


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David's approach to working with other Artists brings together a set of musical tools and foundations that he has gained through years living as a musician in Cologne, Germany. His creative workflow and his studio space together allow for new opportunities to take place, beginning from the artist’s vision and seeing it through over the process of recording, producing and mixing, which makes each journey a unique one.


The studio-space right next to cologne’s in-quarter Ehrenfeld is like a second Home. It has been set up with professional recording equipment, an upright piano, keyboards, guitars, basses, samplers and percussion instruments, which provides the perfect ambient for a creative journey. For broader and more complex recording projects, the famous Maarwegstudio2 is just one floor above, where an SSL console and high-end vintage equipment makes any kind of recording possible.
Studio, Dekumusik

David Quaas, Dekumusik

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